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We are very pleased to offer the latest Zoom Cloud Based Video Conferencing Software, The Yealink VC800 and the Panasonic HD Visual Communications (HDVC) Videoconferencing Systems.

Previously, businesses in the SME sector of the market had avoided video conferencing due to the traditional complexity and the associated costs involved. The current series of products takes all of the hard work out of the process and gives your staff and customers everything they have been looking for in video conferencing. We looked at several video software systems, and found Zoom, Yealink and the Panasonic HDVC to be the most user friendly and easy to deploy.

Combined with our excellent range of video cameras and speakerphones, Bellcrest Telecom is in a great position to help you package the software and hardware to empower your staff with an excellent video conferencing solution.

Businesses have wanted to use video for B2B, B2C and internal communications, but traditionally this was difficult or impossible by the need to cross corporate firewalls and lack of interoperability between multiple legacy systems. Cloud-Based conferencing services make it easy to connect calls, increasing user-adoption. Mobile and desktop connectivity is also in high demand with the increase in remote workers in the market place, this has been tricky for many IT managers with legacy systems but this is one of the main focuses from cloud-based conferencing services.

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The Zoom App

Zoom is an application-based solution with dedicated client apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Blackberry users. Zoom has made it extremely easy to install by packaging its application as a browser plug-in which allows first-time users to install the app almost transparently when they first join a Zoom meeting. This is fantastic if you are inviting people that are not using Zoom already into a meeting outside of your company.

Collaboration & Content Sharing

Zoom offers a range of collaboration and content sharing options, some unique to Zoom and others not commonly found in video calling services. For example, the Zoom apps support presence and instant messaging between Zoom users. Zoom’s content sharing capabilities are also quite strong. Users can also annotate on top of any shared content, and save annotations for future viewing.

Zoom Integrations

Zoom offers a number of integrations with third-party solutions, including:

  • Skype for Business
  • Salesforce.Com
  • Slack

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms is a software application available on Mac (OS X 10.9 and higher) or Windows (7 and higher) that turns a Mac Mini or Windows computer (Such as an Intel NUC) into a dedicated meeting room collaboration space.

Zoom Rooms offer similar functionality to group video conferencing systems from Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize, and others. However, Zoom Rooms was designed to extend the Zoom ecosystem into a board room and huddle room environment.

Yealink Video Conferencing

Yealink VC800 Video Conferencing Wireless System

The Yealink VC800 is the second generation full-HD video conferencing system launched by Yealink. Equipped with the strongest embedded MCU within the industry, VC800 can support 24-site HD video conferencing plus two virtual meeting rooms. It has an all-in-one design and first-class video and audio technology that creates an easier and more effective collaboration experience. As the newest generation of Yealink VC series video conferencing systems, the VC800 adopts an intuitive user interface that makes meeting control simpler. Featuring H.265/HEVC, Opus and HD voice backed by Harman Kardon speaker, the Yealink VC800 facilitates more immersive audio-visual collaboration. By leveraging Yealink Meeting Server (YMS), the VC800 seamlessly supports Meeting Scheduling and One-touch Meeting Access. All combine to make VC800 one of the best solutions for the medium-to-large meeting rooms.

Powerful Built-in MCU

Yealink VC800 supports up to 24 sites HD video conferencing and two virtual meeting rooms. Meanwhile, it backs up Automatic Voice Activated Switching and local meeting control, making the meeting be in an orderly manner.

Immersive Audio-Visual Experience

Using a new 12x optical PTZ camera, it supports 1080P/60FPS video calls, thus greatly enhancing the fluency of video conferencing and making the presentation more vivid even in details. Co-worked with Yealink conference phone CP960, Yealink VC800 creates a better audio solution. Backed by

Harman Kardon speaker, Opus codec, two DECT-based wireless expansion microphones and quality 20ft/360° voice pickup distance, VC800 ensures that anyone in the workspace could have an immersive HD audio experience.

Yealink vc800 video with wireless speakers

Easier Meeting Experience and Simpler Deployment

Yealink VC800 owns all-in-one design which combines codec and camera together, only one standard RJ45 network cable could connect the TV area and conference table. Moreover, its 5-inch touchable VCS phone makes the membership and meeting control simpler and more intuitive, and its friendly TV-style user interface helps you minimize the learning cost.

Less Bandwidth, Better Network Adaptability

Via supporting H.265/HEVC video codecs, just with the minimum 512kbps, 1080P HD video calls can be realized, thus saving more than 50% bandwidth than using H.264. Thanks to Yealink anti-packet loss technology, VC800 can resist up to 30% video and audio packet loss which guarantees smooth

video communication.

Compatibility and Integration

Yealink VC800 supports standard H.323/SIP dual-protocol. It is not only deeply integrated with Yealink Meeting Server (YMS), supporting Meeting Scheduling and One-touch Meeting Access; but also worked with Yealink Cloud Management Service, bringing quick deployment. Besides, it supports the 3rd-party room system and integrates with the leading cloud platforms.

Panasonic Video Conferencing

Panasonic VC1600 Video Conferencing System

The Panasonic HD Visual Communications (HDVC) System supports connectivity to multiple sites for videoconferences with minimal hassle and installation costs. Participants can use mobile devices to participate in a videoconference anytime, anywhere. The HDVC System allows for effective visual communication without restrictions on time or location. The VC-1600 HDVC supports connection up to 10 sites without any additional equipment. It allows for connectivity via intranet or Internet, thus enabling multi-site videoconferencing even with mobile devices.


  • High quality video Full-HD 1080/60p
  • Standard 6 Site Connection (up to 10 sites after additional activation)
  • Multicast to up to 30 sites (activation key required)
  • Dual Network
  • Broadband Stereo Full Duplex Audio
  • The Rate Control function adjusts data traffic based on network congestion
  • Remote Camera Control (remote included)
  • Smooth 2-way conversation with broadband stereo and unique Echo Canceller
  • NAT/FW Traversal
  • Profile Registration
  • HDMI Self/Base Record

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